Blueberry Business

We have 1.2ha of blueberries fields in North Ibaraki Prefecture(Hitachiōmiya City). it has grown to about 2,700. It opened on June 22 (Sun) in 2015. Please enjoy delicious blueberries.
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Blueberry Business Concept Identity

Concept1 “Blueberry Communication & Collaboration”

With the blueberry farms as the trigger, we aim to create communities where various people can connect, share wisdom, and enjoy the people who visit us.

Concept2 “Delicious organic pesticide-mature blueberries”

In order to make a sweet and delicious blueberry, I have dropped blueberries for 5 years and made wood with strong durable roots. Grow naturally, I do not use pesticides.

Concept3 “Creating new towns and community making full use of local tourism resources”

We will propose new town making and enjoying ways by collaborating with tourism resources and special products in our area.

Media publication record


August IbaKira TV(Internet TV by Ibaraki pref.)
August Mainichi Newspaper

June Daiuki-Hitachi Vol.8(Local public information magazine)