Lecture Business

We are conducting lecture activity projects to further enjoy Japanese rich food culture.

About our instructor

Hiroyuki Koguchi
Certified by the Japan Sommelier Association “Master Sommeliers”
(Former) Mito Keisei Hotel General Manager

Lecture theme

“How to enjoy wine”
“On the compatibility between wine and cooking”
“Why did you decide to become a sommelier !!”
“To feel through the work of sommelier as a hotel man” Working session for treatment service
“My lifestyle” Future dream “”
A new food design proposal of “Vege Chef”

Lecture record

Mito Excel Culture “Wine Seminar”
“Veggie Chef Simple Cooking Classroom”
Mito Keisei department store friends’ society “wine seminar”
“General conference and memorial lecture of JA Women’s Organization Association of Ibaraki prefecture”
“JA Jyoso Hikari Female Division’s 14th Regular General Meeting and Commemorative Lecture”
“Ibaraki Prefecture rural life support council workshop / lecture”
“Hitachi Omiya High School, Ibaraki Prefecture High School, Morality, Guest Teacher”
“Ibaraki Prefecture Dangerous Goods Safety Association · Heisei 20 Annual Meeting · Lecture”
“Ibaraki Prefecture Social Welfare Council Heisei 20th Wakuaku Energetic Up Course Opening Ceremony and Commemorative Lecture”

About lecture request

Requests for lectures are accepted at “Inquiries“. Please contact us.