Introduction Vege Chef Business

Main business is sales of cooker “Vege Chef *” for microwave oven, sales of know-how on cooking utensils, management guidance and consulting, cooking consulting.

We will propose various utilization methods as a new cooker next to frying pan and hotpot.
Deliciously and easy to use local vegetables. We would be pleased if you could rediscover the charm of vegetables.



Good points of Vege Chef
① You can cook without using water. We will preserve vitamins and nutritional value.
② The color of the dishes vividly. The colorfulness of the vegetables remains.
③ Preparing meals in a short time. You can do it quickly even when you are busy.
④ Easy preparation. Fire easily passes through to vegetables.
⑤ Healthy without using oil. You can enjoy the umami of the ingredients themselves.

Online shop service started from June 1, 2015 (Monday).
We are waiting for everyone’s use.
● shipping: Japan Only
● Settlement: Credit settlement (VISA / MASTER / JCB / Amex / Diners) · COD

Recipe Site
You can see the recipes of Vegetable Chefs.


The recipe collection of November 2016 version is published in PDF.
You can download from here.

We publish the pamphlet of June 2014 version in PDF.
You can download from here.